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Birds of Paradise - Plant Diary

I love Birds of Paradise. They are one of my favorite flowering shrubs. They look like an actual bird when they bloom. They kind of remind me of Rod Stewart. The spikey hair. Anyways...


This picture is from a house up the road, mine don’t look that great... yet.

In my garden...

I planted 4 of them at the beginning of September. They will bloom all year in SW Florida, not sure about other parts of the world. 

At first, they looked great. They already had some flowers on them when we brought them home from the store.

I didn’t water them regularly through the winter, and they started to look terrible. 

One mistake I made is that they are planted too close to another shrub. They are fighting for space. Will be interesting who wins. Hah! 

They also needed pruning, so two weeks ago I trimmed off all the dead stuff.

After 4 weeks of watering them daily (unless it rains), I saw the first bud. 

I counted a total of 3 buds today! 


I’ll keep updated with the progress. I’m hoping in a month they look as beautiful as the one up the road. 🤞🏼


We purchased ours at a local hardware store. You can also purchase Birds of Paradise from Amazon. They can be planted in a container as long as you have sunlight. 


I will keep this page updated as they bloom!

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