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Why Garden Flags?

Last year, I started following people who were using Twitter to monetize off of their personal brands. I’ve learned there’s a lot of different ways to do this. Here are some tips/concepts I learned and applied that ultimately led to launching my new e-commerce site.


(That’s me with the first flag I ever designed 😀)


What can you consistently create content for?

I started a weight loss blog in May of last year, but soon found that I couldn’t keep up with content creation. You need content because that is (digitally) how people find you, and how people get to know your brand. Every time you post something, it drives traffic to your site. I couldn't commit to posting daily pictures of myself working out to drive traffic. I don’t consistently have any new tips or tricks to blog about. I didn’t know what to “sell.” 

I wanted more of a lifestyle spin to my brand. I want to talk about living in Florida, work/life balance, self-care… not just weight-loss and running. I was missing some key components to making my weight-loss blog successful. 

  • What can you talk about every day? 
  • What are you passionate about daily?
  • What are you working on?


    Find your audience, then develop a product

    The reverse mindset of building an audience, then eventually monetizing is a completely different approach than my past failed attempts. 

    I’ve had other great ideas that failed in execution. I sold services (CRM consulting, data visualization, IT consulting, etc.) With those services, I had a skill (“the product”), but it was hard to find customers and price my services. I didn’t know how to sell it, who was the right customer, or how to make it profitable. I lost interest over time. 

    Finding your audience will take time (assuming you don’t already have one)

    The more you talk about what you know, what you like, or what you do, the more people will follow you that share similar interests. It is helpful to start with the topics you are most passionate about, and what you are comfortable sharing. 

    Authenticity is really important 

    Am I reflecting who I am in my public presence?

    It’s hard to be authentic in public... the imposter syndrome is real. This is especially true if you are used to being around people who constantly judge you, your abilities, your knowledge, etc. But, as your audience of like-minded people grows, you will gain confidence in your authentic brand/voice. 

    Consider this…

    • Steven Tyler didn’t use his “real” voice in the beginning. He didn’t start off as the Demon of Screamin'. 
    • In Beyonce’s first album, she didn’t say:  “This my shit, bow down bitches.” That came years later. 

    This is really hard, but keep going! 

    Are you having fun?

    The thing I like most about FunGardenFlag, is that I can do this type of work in my backyard, in my pool, while I'm playing with the kids, while running outside, on my phone, on my computer, or while I'm rockin’ my pink flamingo pants. 

    I can star in music videos. OMG, that was my teenage dream. It was SO HARD to make music videos 20 years ago. Now that I’ve figured that out… I’m not sure I can stop making them. I can also make memes, jokes, and any other content I can think of that is entertaining.

    I’m also really interested in B2C buying behavior. I’m a consumer of niche products. Now I can explore different metrics and marketing technology that I wouldn’t use for my B2B day job. 

    Find a Niche 

  • What can you sell to 5 of your friends?
  • What is a product you want/need that you could create for others?
  • Can you think of a niche that has less than 1M people? 

  • These are some questions I continuously asked myself.

    I couldn’t answer these questions pertaining to the weight-loss blog. I didn’t know what to sell. I didn’t need anything to help me, and I couldn’t differentiate my story to any niche weight-loss category. 

    Fun Garden Flags, on the other hand. I’ve sold to more than 5 of my friends already. 

    I personally needed a Fun Garden Flag, and so did others! 

    It's a niche. It’s for people who want garden swag, not grandma’s garden flag. I want people to go water their flowers and laugh while they sing “JUST A SMALL TOWN SQUIRREL” or “RAKE ME UP, BEFORE YOU HOE HOE.” (Maybe that should be ‘mow, mow?’) 

    This is the next phase of life. You’re not at the bar taking shots, you're in the backyard planting pots. This is Club Garden. Own it.

    Now go buy yourself a Fun Garden Flag!

    Thanks for reading, 



    My awesome flamingo pants are from Amazon.

    They also come in joggers and leggings. YAY!


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